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Security Alerts
Protecting our members' personal information, identity, accounts and computers is a top priority at ECU.  In an effort to make members aware of the current known scams occurring in the marketplace, we have developed the Security Alerts section.  This information is updated as members report suspicious email, Web sites, malware, etc.  We will also post relevant industry information that may be beneficial to your safety.
Remember, if you feel that you are a victim of any type of fraud, please contact an ECU Representative at (423) 229.8200 or (800) 999.2328.


Current Active Scams

May 26, 2017 - ECU will, from time to time, use DocuSign as a convenient way for you to sign loan documents via email.  When this service is convenient and consented to by you, ECU will inform you of the communications you should expect to receive.  Please remember to only open email attachments and links from trusted sources and to be careful when sharing personal information.  If you are ever suspicious or would like to verify, please contact ECU at (800) 999.2328.

Also, please remember to be on the lookout for scam artists who may attempt to defraud you during the holiday! Stay alert and do not give your personal or card information in response to a phone call, text, or email.  Please remember that neither Eastman Credit Union nor its representatives will ask for your full card number, PIN or the security code on the back of your card.  If someone contacts you requesting this information, you can be sure it's not ECU.  Your response should be to Stop, Drop and Call!

Stop - Do not give any information via phone, text, or email.

Drop - Hang up the phone, delete the email or forward the text to your phone service provider immediately.

Call - Contact Eastman Credit Union at 800.999.2328 before giving your personal or card information to the person who has contacted you and report the phone call, text, or email right away.


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